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It started with just 7 students

14 years ago, Rabbi Zev Goldman and Rabbi Moshe Katz opened a yeshiva day school. Today, it has as blossomed into an incredible community school with over 265 students — Yeshiva Day School of Las Vegas.

YDLV’s mission is to raise Jewish children into balanced, well-rounded people who love Torah and Judaism. It provides a rigorous Torah and secular education that will prepare students for any future path they choose. In addition to academic excellence, YDLV prioritizes creating a structured and nurturing environment, developing children’s middos, and helping every student reach his or her potential.

Today, YDLV continues to grow with the expanding Jewish Las Vegas community. As an integral part of the community, YDLV forms a supportive family, where administrators, teachers, parents, and students all grow and thrive together.

The Kind Every
Community Needs to
Move Forward.

GROWTH SPURTS: The Kind Every Community Needs to Move Forward.

Families seeking an affordable, vibrant community move to Las Vegas from as far as the East Coast, nearby Los Angeles and Chicago in the midwest. They come because Las Vegas is a thriving community, with a Mesivta, Bais Medrash and other Jewish educational institutions, as well as a Kollel, a number of shuls, mikvaos, and eiruvin, and 10 kosher restaurants.

The growth has been incredible.

Building our Imagination

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YDLV has helped Jewish Las Vegas become what it is
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